Crucial Crowdfunding Guide

The Pros & Cons of Crowdfunding

Listed below are some of the advantages of Crowdfunding and why any SME or Entrepreneur should consider it as part of their financing portfolio;

  • It can provide access to capital
  • It can help hedge against risks associated with new product launch
  • It can be an excellent marketing tool, and allow you to test elements of your marketing approach
  • It can provide proof of concept, and help you test and prove the popularity of your product
  • It can facilitate crowdsourcing of brainstorming
  • It introduces prospective loyal customers
  • Your backers become part of your marketing team
  • It provides the opportunity for pre-selling
  • Unless equity Crowdfunding, no transfer of shareholding or ownership of the business is a consequence of the financing
  • The project may receive unexpected and useful advice, and even tangible offers of assistance
  • If at first you don’t succeed, you can try again.

On the flip side, there can be negative consequences associated with Crowdfunding, including the following;

  • It can be stressful, and requires tireless effort to succeed
  • It is not like a traditional product pitch – the crowd funder must be clear on who is the target consumer, and will require knowledge of consumer marketing, social networks and social marketing techniques
  • It requires a high level of creativity in how you publicise and promote the offering
  • The business / product is immediately in front of the public, and competitors
  • The project must be sufficiently interesting to a sufficient number of people to have a chance of success
  • Any successful project requires dealing with a large number of stakeholders all with different expectations and demands
  • Lack of guidance
  • You will need an advanced knowledge of Social Media
  • Projects compete against other projects as well as industry competitors
  • It doesn’t always work
  • Even if the project gets funded, it may still fail for other reasons (legal, moral & reputational consequences).
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